Prtsc On Mac

Prtsc On Mac

This is my article about hoThis is artical about the how to screenshot on mac. This is one of the most asked question in internet. There are few ways of doing this. The best way of doing this is using the inbuilt function of Macbook. Just hold down shift, command, and the number 3. This is the easiest way of getting a screenshot in mac.

How to screenshot on mac using third party apps – Top 3 choices.

In this section, I’m going to talk about top 3 choices of third party apps you can use to take a screenshot on mac. These tools are free and very east to use. Some of these tools can use not only in Mac, they are also compatible with windows or linux. Some of these tools have addon for firefox and google chorme. Lets have a look of top 3 picks.

Lightshot Screenshot ( Website )

This is my top choice to screenshot on mac. When you take screenshots, you can have some extra options also. You can save to your local machine, copy the screenshot or you can upload it to free image hosting site and give you a public link also. This tool will comes up with a simple image editor. You can use it to do some simple editing like adding some arrows, typing things or you can use the pencil tool to draw on it. You cant chose colors also. This is the one I recommend you to have.

Lightshot Website Screenshot – Credits and the owner

Monosnap ( Website )

Monosnap also a good tool to take screenshots in both Mac and windows. You can capture full screen, part of the screen, or a selected window as lightshot can do. Crop area will comes with a 8X magnifier. Also you will be able to use hot keys to get screenshots. There are few tools like pen, text, arrows and shapes to highlight important details. The blur tool to really important if you want to blur out and hide some information from a screenshot.You can make a free account and upload all the screenshots to cloud if you wish. And if you want to save it to local folder or copy it to clip board, you can do those things also.

Monosnap Website Screenshot – Credits and the owner

Skitch ( Website )

Skitch is my last choice. It has a free version and also Skitch has Premium and Business versions also. Premium plan will start from $7.99 per month and the Business plan will start from $14.99 per month. Its annotation tools are really good comparing to other apps. This tool is only compatible with macos and not suitable for linux or windows. You can download it from their website using this link or from Apple store. This tool can also be use with iphones and ipads.

This is the summery of the article. If you want to use the traditional shift+command+ Number 3, You can take a screenshot easily. But if you want to use  annotation tools or the cloud upload function, You have to use other third party tools. I hope you have found your answer on “How to screenshot on mac?”. Feel free to comment and share. If you have any other requests, feel free to contact me using out contact us page.

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