Best LapTop

Best LapTop

CES 2020 was a boring year for laptops — at least, it was a boring year for laptops that will be real products that you can actually buy in 2020. The upgrades were incremental at best, and even the more interesting changes are reliant on unproven technology, like AMD’s new processors and 5G internet.

But despite the fact that the upcoming wave of 2020 laptops so far looks like it’s been upgraded even more incrementally than ever before, all is not lost. Among the minor spec boosts, CES 2020 also offered the first glimmers of what might come next for portable computers, with new screen technologies, wild new designs, and 5G modems. Those trends are important for the future of laptops, but we’re not quite in that future just yet.CES 2020 OFFERED THE FIRST GLIMMERS OF WHAT MIGHT COME NEXT FOR LAPTOPS… BUT WE’RE NOT THERE YET

The simpler updates are the easiest to explain: laptop innovation is largely driven by what parts are available. When new high-resolution screens came out, laptops got better displays, and when Nvidia releases new graphics cards (like at last year’s CES), gaming laptops get more powerful. The most recent hardware release was Intel’s proper next-gen 10nm process Ice Lake processors from late last year that bring big boosts to battery life and efficiency. So a lot of the “new” laptops at CES fall into the category of “similar design that just got upgraded to Intel’s new chips.”

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